Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On another writer's blog I read a report card of how she viewed her own progress. I'll put the same thing here and fill you in:

Current page count: 80

The amount of pages I probably still need to write in order to reach the end: Most likely 120ish

The amount of pages I should cut with line edits before showing my editor: It feels like the whole thing at the moment.

Sense of satisfaction over page count: Um. No.

Sense of confusion over state of plot: Plot?

How I got through a tough spot in my plot: Again, what plot?

Times I have printed out my manuscript: It's tough to call it a manuscript at this point. More... a pamphlet.

Point at which I am allowed to print out my manuscript: Page 200 sounds legitimate.

Desire to see printed manuscript: It seems about as realistic as getting to summer break does to a first grader in October.

Chances of making deadline: What are the odds of getting snake eyes in craps?

Chances of impressing my agent with the manuscript I will turn in: If I roll snake eyes, she'll like it.

Looking forward to: Figuring out the middle

Sense that this book will actually be published: I'm confident for some reason.

How are you doing on your work?